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In memory of our fellow classmates & faculty passing
this year

















Greg Schwartz























Agnew, William (1970)
Berry, Gordon W. - Counselor (1961)
Bell, Jeanne
Black Bonila, Margarien
Blackstead, Joe - JHS Administrator
Blevins, Bud
Bond, William - Math & Physics (1960)
Brashier, Leon (1971-1972) Athletic Coach
Bradshaw Deville, Lois
Millard (Bud) Brewer - Humanities & Drama (69-73)
Butterbaugh, Mike
Carlson Rainoff, Carol A.
Champagne, Ernest
Chamberlin, Florence "Sally"
Cisney, Larry
Dattola, Phillip H. English (69-73)
John A. Denier
Foley, Harold "Hal"
Fortune, John
Foster, Robert D. - Football & Wrestling Coach (69-71)
Haughland, Orlando O.
Hilton, Viola
Ivery, Jo Ann
Kaweko, Shizu
Kalina, Don
Lungren, Robert - JHS Principal
Matsumoto, Henry - Math
McElroy, Agnes
McQueen, Childress (1960)
Mohr, Jane
Wayne D. Olson (1969-71)
Stewart Price (1973)
Sosnick, Milt
Spencer, Marilyn - Physical Education
Caroline Strong - Physical Education
Irma Updegraft
Vassey, Elinor (1961-1962)
Weeks, Dora Frances - Math Teacher
Young Berry, Margaret



Lorena Lee Hunt - Mother of Lee Hunt
Jim Marchbanks - Father of Larry & Craig
James P. Nagel - Father of Jim & Paula


Lou Carsen, 1973 - Thank you for adding this page to the website. Even though we may not have been in touch with one another since high school, it still hurts the heart to see a name of someone we knew on this page. And, it brings back so many great memories of our time spent together. I am hoping that those that visit this page realize how quickly we are getting older and make an effort to attend our reunions to keep these great memories alive.

Eugene Haakenson, Faculty - Our compliments on your keeping the wonderful memories of Johnson High School alive in this terrific website. Those old wooden buildings had a special flavor to them, didn't they.

Wade.... thank you, again, for keeping us all together with such letters written by John about his friend, Larry.

Debbie Julich Kelly '65 - Larry Appleby came before my time, but reading the words so elegantly written by his friend John Dejanovich, class of 1962, it seems they were written for all of us. To take a minute and remember that very unique time in Japan, and the experiences that seemed natural at the time; but now, looking back, realizing we were granted so many unique opportunities and freedoms that could only happen at that special period of time; in a country where our parents felt safe to let us ride into Tokyo without any fear, explore Fussa, "Tachi" and a hundred other places that spring to mind. Thank you for your kind thoughts and bringing back so many of my memory -- Thank you, John for your words about your friend. I wish I had known Larry. But, thanks to John, I do now.

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