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Welcome Class of 1967


"Golden Sands of Time . . . "


Year in Review


The year we graduated ...

The continued presence of American troops increased further and a total of 475,000 were serving in Vietnam and the peace rallies were multiplying as the number of protesters against the war increased. The boxer Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing world championship for refusing to be inducted into the US Army. In the Middle East Israel also went to war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan in the Six Day War and when it was over Israel controlled and occupied a lot more territory than before the war. Once again in the summer cities throughout America exploded in rioting and looting, the worst being in Detroit. In England a new type of model became a fashion sensation by the name of Twiggy and mini skirts continued to get shorter and even more popular with a short lived fashion being paper clothing. Also during this year new discotheques and singles bars appeared across cities and around the world; the Beatles continued to reign supreme with the release of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band" album. This year was also coined the summer of love when young teenagers got friendly and smoked pot and grooved to the music of "The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and The Byrds". The movie industry moved with the times and produced movies that would appeal to this younger audience including "The Graduate," Bonnie and Clyde" and "Cool Hand Luke." TV shows included "The Fugitive" and "The Monkeys" and color television sets become popular as the price comes down and more programs are made in color.





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Class 1967 Roster


Varsity Football

Coach(s) Name

Game Stats 1-8

JHS 00 - ZAMA 13
JHS 08 - YAMATO 06
JHS 07 - YOHI 12

JHS 00 - ZAMA 07
JHS 13 - YAMATO 22
JHS 06 - YOHI 18

(Post Season Games)
JHS 25 - Bulldogs 6
JHS 26 - Nihon 14

[pix of team]

Team Members:


JHS Cheerleaders



Varsity Basketball

Coach Name

Team Members:


[team pix]

Game Stats 9-3

JHS 50 - YAMOTO 45
JHS 31 - ZAMA 34
JHS 48 - ASIJ 35
JHS 40 - CAJ 51
JHS 52 - YOHI 42

JHS 45 - YOHI 59
JHS 55 - ZAMA 38
JHS 69 - ASIJ 56
JHS 62 - CAJ 61
JHS 55 - YOHI 47


Baseball Team (Coach Hawkes)


Swimming Team (Coach Kilty)


Golf Team (Henry Matzumoto)


JHS Track Team (Coach Cawley)


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