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Welcome Class of 1966


"Golden Sands of Time . . . "


Year in Review


The year we graduated ...

Inflation grew as part of the effect to fund the war in Vietnam continued. Both the US and USSR continued in their space race to see who would be the first to land a man on the moon. Race riots continued to increase across America and National Guards were needed to bring back law and order. The fashions in both America and UK came from a small well known street in London, Carnaby Street, part of the swinging London scene; both women and men wore patterned pants and flowered shirts and boots, shoes and even caps utilized the plastic and vinyl for a wet shiny look. The most popular groups included The "Beach Boys" with Pet Sounds, the "Rolling Stones" with Under my Thumb and the "Beatles" with Revolver, and Yesterday and Today.




JHS Administration:

  • Joseph Blackstead, Superintendent
  • Robert Lungren, Principal
  • Donald Ellis, Asst. Principal


Michael S. Butterbaugh

Language, Library, Social Studies:

Joanne Bridges, Carol Carlson, John Parker, Eugene Roberts, Eleanor Crenshaw, John Fortune, Gerald Hill, Irene Moss

Math & Science:

Calvin Dean, Marvin Glauvitz, Gilbert Leslie, Henry Matsumoto


The Arts: Music, Commercial Home:

Ed Asmir, Richard Moser


Lois deVille, Barbara Glass, Robert LeBlanc, Philip Maher

Physical Education:

Bruce Blevins, Andrea Wiggington,

Class Officers

Senior Class Sponsors:
Eugene Roberts, Henry Matzumoto, Larry Jorgenson

Senior Class Student Council Representatives:
B'Linda Allen, President, Dianne Selkregg, Vice President, Gayle Linebaugh, Secretary/Treasurer






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Class 1966 Roster


Varsity Football

Coach Blevins & Coach Maher

Game Stats 5 - 1 - 3

JHS 20 - CHOFU 8
JHS 42 - ZAMA 00
JHS 18 - YOHI 16

JHS 12 - YAMATO 12
JHS 06 - CHOFU 12
JHS 37 - ZAMA 06

Team Members shown in picture above:

Front Row: Ray Baroman, Boise Boden, Al Greene, Ted Adamcyzk, Bill Carroll, Phil Sacco, Randy Parker, Greg McDonald, Bob Long, Clark Liewllyn Back Row: Don Bell, Dave Anderson, Howard Wickert, Randy Hippenstiel, Eric Jenkins, Tom Mortimer, Mike Dailey, tom McNicholas, Brian Garrett, Jim Summers

JHS Cheerleaders

Denise Brissey, Elaine Kantar, Sue Trout, Diane Selkregg

Mary Moss, Ginny Armstront,
Jennie Hanna

Varsity Basketball

Coach Glauvitz & Coach Blevins

Game Stats 10 - 4

JHS 48 - ASIJ 36
JHS 66 - CHOFU 71
JHS 49 - YO-HI 43
JHS 59 - CAJ 61
JHS 42 - YAMATO 40
JHS 94 - ZAMA 54

JHS 65 - ASIJ 49
JHS 63 - CHOFU 42
JHS 58 - YO-HI 51
JHS 62 - CAJ 67
JHS 42 - YAMATO 45
JHS 82 - ZAMA 48

Team Members:

Front Row: Rick Tavares, Bob Long, Randy Hippenstiel, Al Greene, Bill Carroll, Back Row: Coach Glauvitz, Don Waitley, Steve Rhodes, Stan Frazier, Coach Blevins

Tennis Team (Eugene Roberts)

JHS Wrestling Team (Coach Maher)


Mr. & Miss JHS: Robert Long & Susan Mead

Student Council

National Honor Society

Thespians: (John Parker, faculty advisor)

  • Night of January 16th,
  • The Bald Soprano,
  • Tiny Closet,
  • Dance of the Cobra

Kappa Yearbook: Brad Horn, editor; Carol Carlson, faculty advisor

Falcon Flyer Newspaper: Karen Reeder, editor; John Fortune, faculty advisor

United Nations Assembly: Gerald Hill, faculty advisor

Red Cross: Selected members attended a week-long convention.

French Club: Kathy King, president; John Parker, faculty advisor

Pep Club: Sade Hawkins Dance in November 1965; Naomi Young, president; Chris Acol, V.P.; Lynn Forney, secretary; Shirley Punita;

GAA: Shirley Resinski, president; Shirley Tomita, V.P.; Cathy Biffle, secretary; Chisa Manningo, Treasurer; Andrea Wigington, faculty advisor

Falconettes & JHS Band, Chorus: Richard Moser, faculty advisor

Homecoming: Kim Fields

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