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Welcome Class of 1965


"Golden Sands of Time . . . "


Year in Review


The year we graduated ...

The war in Vietnam continues to worsen as whatever American does including major bombing of North Vietnam, they continue to lose more men; at the same time the Anti-War movement grows and in November 35,000 march on Washington, as a protest against the war. There is also civil unrest with rioting, looting and arson in Los Angeles. This was also the first year mandated health warnings appeared on cigarette packets and smoking became a "No-No." The latest craze in kids toys was the Super Ball and the Skate Board. Fashion also changed as women's skirts got shorter, men's hair grew longer as the miniskirt makes its appearance. Hypertext is introduced for linking on the Internet. The St Louis Arch is completed and the Beatles release four new albums including "Help".




JHS Administration:

  • Joseph Blackstead, Superintendent
  • Robert Lungren, Principal
  • Donald Ellis, Asst. Principal

Counselors & Office Staff:

Anne Stamas, Mary jean Bell,

Language, Library, Social Studies, History:

Ruth Birkhead, Margarjean Black, Lois Bradshaw, Barbara Byne, don Fouts, Don May, Helen Nakano, Suzanne Palenik, Eugene Roberts, Robert Ruper, Mary Spoutz,

Math & Science:

Ron Malooley, Henry Matsumoto, Marilyn Spencer, Stanley Priewski, Shizu Kaneko


The Arts: Music, Commercial, Home:

Robert Coffey, Orlando Hagland,


Childress McQueen, Robert LeBlanc,

Physical Education:

Bruce Blevins, Jean Fawnup, Philip Maher,
Coach Durso



Class Officers


Class officers:

  • Marty Martin, President
  • Bruce Stewart, Vice President
  • Carolyn Belcher, Secretary-Treasurer

Senior Class Advisers:

Robert Cathy, Helen Nakano, Ron Malooley, Lois Bradshaw





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Class 1965 Roster


Varsity Football

Coach Blevins, Coach Maher

JHS 06 - CHOFU 00

JHS 00 - CHOFU 16
JHS 22 - YO-HI 12
JHS 08 - YAMATO 06
JHS 00 - ZAMA 08

List of Team Members in picture shown above:

[First Row]

  • B. Duncan
  • J. hayman
  • E. Roche
  • J. Bobo
  • T. Newman
  • R. Bryan
  • D. Lown

[2nd Row]

  • G. Johnson
  • M. Martin
  • D. Hutchinson
  • B. Wilson
  • J. Forter
  • M. Slicker
  • P. Sacco
  • O. Walcott
  • J. Doughtery

[Back Row]

  • M. Shanklin
  • L. Jaber
  • B. Rocher
  • J. Chittenden
  • R. Albright
  • M. Snyder
  • D. Gorham

JHS Cheerleaders

  • Christie Stevens, Group Leader

JHS Track Team

Varsity Basketball

List of Team Members in Picture above:

  • Gary Foxx
  • Randy Hippensteil
  • Don Millam
  • Richard Campbell
  • Jeff Godfrey
  • Michael Humphries
  • Charlie Johns
  • Lee Dorger
  • Bob Davidson
  • Bruce Stewart
  • Lee Daves
  • Coach Durso (center)

Coach Ron Durso

The Falcon Cagers this year ended a second place streak by tying for the League Championship. The "Hoopsters" Jeff Godfery and Charlie Johns lead the Falcon offense to a Twelve win and two loss, which is a league record. The defense was handled capably by all five of the Johnson players, with recognition going to Johns, Godfrey, Dorger and Humphries for outstanding rebounding. This year's team, unequaled by past teams, was lead by the outstanding coaching of Ron Durso, Stan Polowski and Bruce Blevins. This coaching not only included knowledge of the game but of the rules and a terrific sense of sportsmanship, which the Falcons displayed at all times through the season both on and off the court.

Game Stats: 12 - 2

JHS 70 - ZAMA 53
JHS 51 - ASIJ 42
JHS 39 - CHOFU 56
JHS 61 - YO-HI 30
JHS 60 - CAJ 58
JHS 48 - YAMATO 44

JHS 65 - ZAMA 48
JHS 86 - ASIJ 56
JHS 62 - CHOFU 50
JHS 75 - YO-HI 58
JHS 56 - CAJ 71
JHS 55 - YAMATO 50
JHS 55 - YOHI 53

Baseball Team

Wrestling Team


  • Mr. & Miss JHS: Merrilee Shannon & Jeffrey Godfrey
  • Deserving Dozen chosen
  • Kappa Staff
  • Student Council
  • Falcon Flyer Newspaper
  • French Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Debate
  • Jr. Red Cross
  • Thespian Club
    Musical: Plenty of Money, Speech Festival
  • JHS Band & Chorus
  • Falconettes, sponsor Mr. Cathy
  • Pep Club
  • GAA
  • Lettermen's Club
  • Homecoming
  • Model United Nations
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