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Welcome Class of 1963


"Golden Sands of Time . . . "


Year in Review


The year we graduated ...

First students to graduate who attended Johnson High School all four years!

The 1963 graduating class was faced with the assassination of the US President Kennedy on November 22nd which thrust Lyndon Johnson into the role of President and the murder two days later of Lee Harvey Oswold by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. This was a difficult time to become President with the mounting troubles in Vietnam where the Viet Cong Guerrillas had now killed 80 American advisers and the continued campaign for Civil Rights by the Black community caused violent reactions from Whites, including Mississippi, Virginia and Alabama where the Black Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr was arrested. Films included "The Birds" and "The Great Escape" and popular TV programs "The Virginian" and "Lassie". Ladies fashions and hairstyles included fir boots and towering hair do's for evening wear. In music the beginning of Beatlemania after they release "I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There" took the music world by storm.





William Kilty, Robert Lungren

English & Foreign Language:
Larry Jorgenson, John Weber, Jane Hicks, Gail Brinker, Richard Hearn, Gary Dietzen, Robert Rupar

Social Science:
John Denier, Joe Helfert, Eugene Roberts, Helen Nakano

James Handorf, Dorothy St. Denis, Robert LeBlanc, Childress McQueen


Math & Science: Bob Wilder, Dora Francis Weeks, Ronald Malooley, Bill Burgess, Peggy Hedstrom, Henry Matsumoto

Physical Education:
Mary Ellen Swan, Coach Dwight Hawkes

Fine Arts:
Orlando Haugland, Vernon Steffer, Maurice Bursett

Alice Murray, Donald Ellis


Class Officers


Senior Class Sponsors:
Eugene Roberts, Henry Matzumoto, Maurice Burnett, Larry Jorgenson

Senior Class Student Council Representatives:
Carol Brodecki, Jim Colson, Hilda Lay, Ran Weaver, Eddie Now







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Class 1963 Roster


Varsity Football

Coach Dwight Hawkes
Coach Cawley

Game Stats 5-1-2

JHS 40 - YOHI 00
JHS 06 - YAMATO 00
JHS 24 - ZAMA 08

JHS 42 - YOHI 14
JHS 00 - YAMATO 00
JHS 08 - ZAMA 00

JHS Varsity Football Team

Lee Hunt, #84

Team Members:

Jack Hardee
Jim Blue
Bob Duncan
Steve Nunnoly
Gary Aoki
Fred Calaluca
Ed Babraitis
Chip Fussell
Bob Marchildon
Alan Reynolds
Phil Lame
Mitch Dorger
Ed Brown
Ed Now
Steve Haskins
Andy Pringle
Al Massello
Keith Wilderson
Bill Davenport
Ray Stalmaster
Chuck Perry
Charles Waid
Chris Biltoft
Charlie Barnett
Gerry Masse
Lee Hunt
Stan Palowski
John Pike

JHS Cheerleaders

Hilda Lay (Captian), Pam Hanes, Marcia Brokenick,
Linda Wallace, Betty Threewit

Sponsor: Fern Kelso




Varsity Basketball

Coach John Denier

  • Randy Pringle
  • Alan Pope
  • Mitch Dorger
  • Charles Perry
  • Charles Barnett
  • Mike Humphreys
  • Walter Lau Hee
  • Richard Laird
  • Jeffery Godfrey
  • Ed Bates
  • Bob Marchildon
  • Jeff Wiseman


Game Stats 9-3

JHS 50 - YAMOTO 45
JHS 31 - ZAMA 34
JHS 48 - ASIJ 35
JHS 40 - CAJ 51
JHS 52 - YOHI 42

JHS 45 - YOHI 59
JHS 55 - ZAMA 38
JHS 69 - ASIJ 56
JHS 62 - CAJ 61
JHS 55 - YOHI 47

Baseball Team (Coach Hawkes)

The diamond was a familiar sight to the baseball hopefulls as they began to practice for the coming season. These falcons will be defending the Two-Year Championship Johnson holds for baseball. Mr. Hawkes coaches the team.

The diamond was a familiar sight to the baseball hopefuls as they began to practice for the coming season. These Falcons will be defending the two-year championship held by JHS.

Swimming Team (Coach Kilty)

John Carr, Bob Malone, Chip Fussell, Jim Porter, Rhead Lown, Kim Jones, Ed Babraitis, Jim Brauss, John Brown, John Tipton

Golf Team (Henry Matzumoto)

Doug Martin, Steve Haskins, Bob Arneson, Bob Bates

JHS Track Team (Coach Cawley)

February 21th was the day the Track hopefuls set to work to prepare for the season's events. The team was chosen from this group of boys.



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