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Welcome Class of 1960


"Golden Sands of Time . . . "



Year in Review


First class to graduate from Johnson High School

Lots of important events were happening for these graduates; Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba; the cold war continued to worsen with the USSR exploding some very large bombs during testing and then masterminding the building of the Berlin Wall; Soviets put the first man in space in April, Yuri Gagarin followed by the US in May with Alan Shepard. Popular music included Chubby Checker's “Pony Time” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by the Shirelles, with top movies to include "West Side Story" and "The Parent Trap.”





JHS Administration:

T.L. King, Joe Blackstead, Fran Greedey, Gordon Berry, Helen Miyaski, Jean Hicks, Lt B. A. Matteson, Katmeko Shizo, Taru Kubota, Asst.

Language, Library, Social Studies:

Ernest Champagne, Margaret Young-Berry, Richard Hearn, Lalla Stevenson, Mrs. Richard Hearn, Lucia Marsh, Hope Ulloa


Math & Science:

Dorothy Chang, Audrey Kopp, Donald L'Hommedieu, Gus Stuart, William Bond, Dora Weeks

The Arts: Music, Commercial Home:

Rita Mae Mootz, Carol Ellsworth, Delbert Price, Mary Lou Hanson, Childress McQueen, Keith Woodell

Physical Education:

Jackie Slasher, Coach Pat Fletcher


Class Officers


The first graduating class of Johnson High School elected their class officers:

  • Billy Carter, President
  • Clarence Tanaka, Vice President
  • Maxine Cavin, Secretary



All the JHS yearbook pictures have been scanned into PICASA, a site that allows us to organize our pictures in a safe and convenient location.

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Class Roster

Sports & Cheerleaders

Varsity Football

Coach Pat Fletcher

Game Stats 1-8

JHS 00 - ZAMA 13
JHS 08 - YAMATO 06
JHS 07 - YOHI 12

JHS 00 - ZAMA 07
JHS 13 - YAMATO 22
JHS 06 - YOHI 18

(Post Season Games)
JHS 25 - Bulldogs 6
JHS 26 - Nihon 14

JHS Varsity Football Team

Max Peterson
Clarence Tanaka

Row 1 (standing)
Joe Maisoneuve
Eddie Williams
Bob Cole
Charles Kelly
Mike Ahern
Bernard Schultze
Randy Eckhart
Wayne Miller
Newton Hilmer
Bill Drennan
John Woodward

Row 2
Billy White
Larry Appleby
Danny Danley
Jack Banks
Jerry Kelly
Happy Meier
Steve Ascherfeld
William Lane
Jan Cooper
Tom Kaltenbach
Bob Straup
James Wilson

Row 3
Jerry Drennan
Tim Hamilton
Ken Cooper
Ronnie Stiles
Bill Carsten
Craig Kurtz
Don Myrah
Bruce Taylor
Mark Stoker
Terry Drennan

JHS Cheerleaders

Lillian Tanaka, Maxine Cavin, Spillman Lee (Captain), Carolyn Flack, Lynn Miller, Linda Babb

Varsity Basketball

Coach Pat Fletcher

  • Tom de Jonekheere
  • Terry de Jonekheere
  • Jesse Johnson
  • Billy Carter
  • Ed Mcnair
  • Craig Kurtz (back row)
  • Jerry Drennan
  • Ronnie Stiles
  • Terry Drennan
  • Bill Carsten

Game Stats 8-4

18 DEC 1959 JHS 59 - CAJ 60
08 JAN 1960 JHS 47 - YOHI 49
15 JAN 1960 JHS 44 - YAMOTO 31
22 JAN 1960 JHS 44 - ASIJ 38
23 JAN 1960 JHS 46 - NARIMASU 48
29 JAN 1960 JHS 48 - Zama 39

30 JAN 1960 JHS 65 - CAJ 35
05 FEB 1960 JHS 50 - YOHI 52
12 FEB 1960 JHS 53 - YAMOTO 35
13 FEB 1960 JHS 50 - ASIJ 31
19 FEB 1960 JHS 48 - NARIMASU 40
20 FEB 1960 JHS 67 - ZAMA 32




JHS Activities

  • The Senior Class trip was spent in Kyoto for four exciting days in April 1960, with lots of cherry trees in full bloom.
  • Silver Tea Afternoon held on 21 March which raised money for the Senior class and the JHS yearbook
  • School Play: My Sister Eileen
  • United Nations Mock Assembly
  • JHS shows their Science Skills
  • 1960 Jump Fad seizes JHS
  • Aero-Hydro Dynamics
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