Congratulations to our New Board of Directors

Voting for your Board of Directors has closed - - - Polls closed on February 29, 2016.



JHS 2016 - 2018
Board of Directors

Kay Boudreaux Weaver '63

Kit Wildinger '61

Pat Sacco Perfito '64

Timothy McDonald '71

Rich Lininger '64

Alicia Marshall '62

Dave Evans '73

The list includes the top vote receivers in the board election that closed February 29, 2016, plus Dave Evans, the 2015 Reunion Chairman. The list is in descending order based on the number of votes received.

As permitted by our bylaws, we have decided to have a seven-member board, in order to include as many as possible in managing our Association. (A seven-member board includes five elected members plus current and past reunion hosts.) Since Kay Weaver is also the host of the next reunion in 2018, Alicia Marshall will complete the board as the seventh member. If the location and host were to change, then the correct course of action would be to substitute the new 2018 reunion host for Alicia Marshall '62.


*Any Falcon elected to the board is making a commitment to serve, if elected, as a board member until the time of the next business meeting
at the 2018 reunion, at which time the Board Member should attend.


Your JHS New Board of Directors




Kay Boudreaux Weaver

Class of 1963

I feel that I am a level headed person with moderate views and can make good decisions for the betterment of the JHS Alumni Organization.

REUNIONS: I have attended two All Class Reunions: 2009 Memphis; 2012 San Destin, hosted three mini reunions: 2001 Mt. Dora, FL; 2005 Eastern Caribbean Cruise; 2007 Homosassa, FL, and assisted with two mini reunions: 2002 Ft. Walton, FL and 2004 Myrtle Bch SC. At the 2009 and 2012 Reunions, I contacted classmates and provided the name badges with pictures of JHS classmates for both reunions. I assisted in the hospitality rooms as needed at both reunions and provided advice to hosts when requested. At the 2001 and 2007 Reunions, I did all of the work in setting up the reunions at hotels in each location, providing a hospitality room with drinks and snacks, arranging activities and dining venues. For the 2005 cruise, worked with a travel agent with all details and handling of reservations as well as contacting classmates and getting details of the cruise to them.

JHS WORK: Gathering information for the JHS Database since approximately 2000 and JHS Database Manager since approx. 2007. I have spent many hours searching the internet and emailing people trying to locate JHS classmates from graduating years 1960-1976 as well as faculty members. Became involved with the Steering Committee as the database manager when
the organization was being formed.

VOLUNTEER: Acted as Elks Anna Miller Secretary for 5 years; Pontoon Yacht Club Secretary for three years in 1996, 2003, and 2004; Hosted two l00+ parties for the Elks;

WORK: Office Manager for law firm in Orlando for 43 years - retired December 2014.





Kit Wildinger

Class of 1961

I am Joe “Kit” Wildinger ’61 accepting nomination by Jeanne Wildinger ’64 for the Johnson High School Alumni Board of Directors for 2016-2018. I am now fully retired after almost 23 years in the USAF, a few short years with Eastern Express, and 22 years with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with ten years on the Faculty Senate, including two years as the Vice Speaker.

I am dedicated to completing the work already underway to organize the Association.

Over the years Jeanne and I have attended six All Classes Reunions: 1991 San Antonio, 1994 Breckenridge, 1997 Atlanta, 2009 Memphis, 2012 Sandestin, and 2015 San Diego. Between the All Classes Reunions, we attended four mini reunions: 2001 Mt. Dora FL; 2002 Ft Walton Beach FL; 2004 Myrtle Beach SC; 2007 Homosassa, FL. I assisted Jeanne in planning and organizing the mini-reunion in Ft Walton and also the all classes reunion in Sandestin.

In the years following the Sandestin All Classes Reunion, I worked on the early drafts for the organization of the Alumni Association and By Laws.





Pat Sacco Perfito

Class of 1964

I have attended all of the JHS reunions beginning with the 1985 reunion in Orlando, Florida. I have served on two Boards. First, Una Fides, an apostolate ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Orlando. Second Board is Legatus, a Catholic businessmen and businesswomen's organization comprised of CEO's and owners of companies, which is an international organization and has been in existence for about 25 years. I am currently serving a second time. The first as Vice Program Chair, then became Program Chair. The duties were to facililtate guest speakers with transportation and hotel accommodations. I became Vice President, the following year President, then Ex Officio. I volunteer at my Church in several capacities, from 1990-1992 serving as President of the Parish Council, Lector, Eucharistic Minister and Sacristan.

I have served as a member of a JHS reunion committee along with Steve Gamble for the 1985 reunion in Orlando, Florida. Steve was the locator. He found names and addresses of many former JHS alumni and teachers. We started in 1984 and in those days there were no computers, fax machines, or cell phones. I was the
committee. I typed (on a typewriter) a monthly newsletter, hand addressed, stamped, and mailed them and any other correspondence I received. I procured the venue, organized the trips to Disneyworld, Cape Kennedy, dinner at a downtown Orlando entertainment complex. and hired a live band to perform at the hotel dinner event. After the event I corresponded with many attendees and I
compiled a memory book with pictures of the various classes and events. Steve and I then gave everyone a ballot/comment card to fill in and it was decided at that time that we would hold the reunions every three years. The next reunion was held in San Francisco by Marrilee K. Shannon and her team in 1988.





Timothy McDonald

Class of 1971

As far back as President of the 1971 Senior Class, I learned to organize and set goals. I believe my personal skill set could benefit the alumni association. I have been fortunate enough to have attended four (4) reunions including Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego.

I am well qualified for a Board position, having served on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) local chapter.

I volunteered to assist Marilyne Ayers, JHS Webmaster with the JHS Database, for the 2000 and 2003 Reunions; I was active in locating hundreds of JHS Alumni who had not been in contact with their JHS classmates, since leaving Johnson many years ago. This was a very rewarding experience.

I would appreciate your vote to become a member of the JHS Board. -- Tim McDonald




Richard Lininger

Class of 1964

First of all I am truly honored to be nominated for the JHS Board of Directors. Having received a number of emails encouraging me go self-nominate, it was Jeannie (Ables) Wildinger’s phone call that was the “final arm twist.” So I am doing this for all you, my classmates and fellow Falcons, in an attempt to personally contribute to an organization, I (like you) truly want to see continue. I have attended every major Reunion since 1988, except for 2006 in Washington, D.C. when my wife was undergoing cancer treatment. Additionally I have attended many mini- reunions over the years and helped plan the 1991 major reunion in San Antonio. For San Antonio, myself and others on the planning committee basically did whatever honcho Dennis Bratten asked of us: making arrangements for the hotel and conference venue, planning the food, entertainment, etc. Frankly my role was a minor one, but I learned much from being associated with a great planning team.

As for additional experience, I have served on numerous boards and leadership positions for a succession of nonprofit and volunteer organizations. To name just a few, I am currently on the board of PandemicPrep.Org, a business and medical disaster preparedness group in St. Louis which conducts two major conferences annually. I am past president of the local Reserve Officers Association Chapter as well another veteran’s association in St. Louis. I also served a three-year term as president of my neighborhood association. Finally, although I am now retired, my career as a management consultant involved planning numerous business conferences and events for my clients and corporate sponsors.






Alicia Marshall

Class of 1962

I have attended reunions since 2003. I look forward to each reunion.
I have served on many boards and associations as an officer, director, board member. I have served as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer of the Richardson Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association. Currently I am Secretary of that organization.

I have also served as Gala Chair of the Grand Opening of the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts. I am currently serving on a Richardson City Board, Sign Control as a member. I have served on the Military Ball Gala Board. I was Secretary of the board of a non-profit group in Richardson (Network of Community Services) which provides money and food for low income families.

I have not served as a member of the JHS Reunion Committee and look forward to providing any other information you require. -- Alicia Marshall





Dave Evans

Class of 1973

As chairman of the previous reunion, JHS All-Classes Rreunion 2015, Dave is automatically a member of the JHS Board of Directors.



Notes from the Steering Committee (Oct 2015) . . . . .





Bill Elliott, Class of 1962
-- I am writing on behalf of the JHS Alumni Association Steering Committee, which consists; Kay Weaver, 1963; Marilyne Ayers, 1963; Kit Wildinger, 1961; Dave Evans, 1973, and myself. There were two additional members initially selected, but neither has participated since 2012.

Following the adjournment of the San Diego reunion, a number of on-line comments concerning the proposed 2018 reunion suggest a generalized dissatisfaction or misunderstanding of the reunion selection process. Hopefully, that is a subject we can bring to a satisfactory conclusion in the near future, but, for now, there is more pressing business we must address. To get to that point, though, I’m going to have to run through a little JHS Alumni Association history.

We held our first “BIG” reunion in 1980, less than ten years after JHS closed (I say “BIG” because there had been a few smaller reunions prior to that). Between 1980 and 2012, there was not any formal alumni organization one could point to; we simply held reunions and mini-reunions that were run by volunteers. At the big reunions, we’d hold a meeting and vote on the location of the next one. That decision usually wasn’t based on “where do we want to go,” as much as it was on “where has someone volunteered to form a reunion committee and host it?”


We had no elected board of directors and no formal officers. We had only our high school memories and an abundance of goodwill toward each other. The system worked!

It wasn’t until 2012 in SanDestin, Florida, that the need for something more formal became clear. In order to legitimately maintain our Association funds, which for decades had simply resided in a bank account owned by one of our members, we made the decision to seek tax-exempt status from the IRS. This step would require a lot more formality than we were accustomed to. Volunteers for a steering committee were solicited at the meeting.

The group mentioned above was approved as the JHS Alumni Association Steering Committee and was charged with obtaining tax-exempt status for the organization and with putting together the 2015 reunion in San Diego, the location approved by the majority of those present.

Over the ensuing months, Dave Evans and his reunion committee laid the groundwork for the 2015 San Diego reunion, and we prepared and filed for status as a tax-exempt social organization under the Internal Revenue Code and the laws of the State of California, where our funds were held. Both our applications were approved, and our funds are now in an account owned by the Association.

However, in filing for tax-exempt status we were required to have by-laws. For that we had to have officers. For purposes of the filings, we named Bobi as president, myself as vice-president and Marilyne as Secretary-Treasurer.

Which brings us to the “pressing business” I mentioned earlier. We have never held a formal election, we have no board of directors and we have no formal officers. We should have done it in San Diego, but we had never done it before and it simply fell through the crack. Today, the first order of business, then, is to elect a board of directors. Also, our haste in preparing the applications resulted in several inconsistencies in the by-laws regarding the numbers and roles of the directors.


First on the agenda for our new directors is to elect the officers from among those elected to the Board.

  • Any Falcon accepting the election to the Board is making a commitment to serve, if elected, as a board member until the time of the next business meeting at the 2018 reunion. All Board members should attend 2018 reunion.
  • Until the new Board has had a chance to review the By-Laws, the Steering Committee has defer any further action on the 2018 reunion until the board/officer issue has been resolved. Hopefully, this will permit the new Association leadership to address any concerns that have been raised and decide the proper manner in which to proceed.



2018 JHS Alumni Association