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Bahama Reunion Cruise Booked


Departure Port: Port Canaveral FL

The only reunion option voted on and approved by those present was for a cruise reunion in 2018, with the departure port to be determined in the near future. We have been given the opportunity to vote and the results are in. The port will be Port Canaveral, hosted by Kay Boudreaux Weaver, class of 1963 and assistance from Kit and Jeanne Wildinger.

Booking your Cruise - Kay has chosen the date of 22 April 2018 for the reunion cruise. We are now in the "Put your $150 down to hold your space" timeframe. This amount is per person, due when you book your cruise.

Reunion Registration $25 each - You will still need to send Kay $25 each for your Cruise T-Shirt and lanyard. These will help you recognize the other Falcons onboard the ship. So if you are planning to attend the 2018 JHS Reunion, please fill out this Registration Form and send it with your check or money order payable to Johnson High School Alumni Assn. in the total amount of $25.00 per person for each person registered on this form:

Kay Weaver
2018 JHS Reunion
P.O. Box 515
Tavares, FL 32778

REMINDER: Make your cabin reservation now to ensure a better choice of location and price. Do not wait ! ! Because prices and availability of cabins will change the longer you wait. Only $150 per person deposit will secure your cabin on the Carnival Liberty . Call Cook’s Travel Center at 352-291-2665.

Undecided - Talk to Don Cook of Cook's Travel; if you are not certain you will go or have not decided, Don can help you; he will tell you in advance how you can get your refund, if you decide not to go. It is to your benefit to book early. Speaking from experience, the prices will never be this low right now for our cruise. My rule of thumb for pricing a cruise: "If you take the cost of the cruise and divide by the number of days you are cruising -- anything under $100 per night is a steal!" Kay got us a bargin!

Final payment for reserved cabin is due on or before February 6, 2018. If you have questions, please contact
Kay Boudreaux Weaver at

Pre-Boarding - Kay is also negotating with a local hotel for hosting our pre-cruise stay and boarding party. We will have more information on the hotel location very soon.



Carnival Ship the Liberty

The Carnival Ship, Liberty features three swimming pools, a giant waterslide and an outdoor movie screen. The Liberty has a lot of fun spaces and features where you can find the perfect party spot. The Bronx Sports Bar is perfect for a brew and Jeanne’s Wine Bar is the place for passengers with a love of all things vino. The ship uses lots of lights to make each space bright and inviting. Be sure to check out Rosie’s Lido restaurant with its giant Rosie the Riveter mural and the Lincoln Restaurant for its elegant chandeliers.

The Liberty has a Gross tonnage of 110,000, with passenger capacity of 2,974 and a stellar onboard crew of 1160. She was built in 2005 and recently refurbished in 2016. This ship will stop in two really fun ports: Nassau and Freeport Bahamas, providing lots of fun activities to keep our JHS 2018 Reunion fun and exciting.

Click here to see the video on the Carnival Ship, Liberty .


A Reunion Cruise is in our 2018 Future



2018 Reunion Cruise Destination -- Bahamas

The Plan

Everyone will meet at a hotel that is near our Port the night before. Arrangements are being made with our hotel for a shuttle to take you and your luggage to the ship. For those of you with a car, our hotel will provide you with a discount for parking at the cruise ship. The boarding process usually starts around noon on the day of departure.

Worldwide Group Cruise & Tour Specialist
Cook's Travel Center, Inc.
7041 Grand National Drive, Suite 235
Orlando, Florida 32819-8991
(407) 239-1477



(Carnival Ship, Liberty Ocean View shown here)

Contact our Travel Agent (407) 239-1477 for JHS Reunion 2018.

Your Cruise Stateroom

You have choices of Accommondations: (price per person - see Flyer)

    • Balcony Stateroom
    • Oceanview Stateroom with Windows
    • Inside Cabin (no windows)

    You can specify where your cabin will be located within the ship.

    • Mid-ship (close to everything)
    • Which deck you would like (near the dining room or casino)
    • Away from the Disco, please

When we know which ship is our vessel, I will post the layout of the ship and more information to help you choose. For those of you who are novices, Kay and Marilyne are veterans when it comes to cruising and we can help. The prices that have been quoted are for individual, double occupancy.


Add to your Adventure

The excursions offered by the ship are also an extra cost.
Click the links below to see some examples of excursions.

When you click on these links, you can filter the results
by activity types, accessibility, price range, duration, activity
level and age limits.



Kay is sending out an email BLAST to all of you with information about the Reunion Cruise 2018.

Cook's Flyer Back Page - This page is a helpful tool to help you complete all the information you will need to book your cruise. Complete this Flyer Back Page before you call Cook's Travel; it will make the process easier.

Kay's Registration Form - When you get the email, complete the registration form and send it to Kay with your $25 registration fee to pay for your T-Shirt and lanyard.

Be sure your email is up-to-date. If you have questions, please let us know.



2018 Reunion Committee

The Reunion Committee activities for this Cruise Reunion should be pretty simple:

  • Make arrangements for dinner the night before (No Host)
  • Breakfast morning of departure (No Host)
  • Act as a point of contact to keep us all together

Host for Port City Destination

  • Port Canavral Hosts: Kay Boudreaux Weaver, 1963 and the Wildingers


Start Early to Obtain Your Passport

Passports as we all know, take some time to obtain. If yours has expired, the Post Office will have the forms you need to get started. Even the local drug store will take passport photos. Processing through the Post office can take up to 10 weeks to obtain a US passport. Click here for a site to expedite your Passport process.

It's going to COST! if you wait.


Carnival Cruise Lines Passport Requirements

Carnival Cruise Lines strongly recommends all of our guests travel with a valid passport. However, as of June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens embarking on a cruise that both originates and terminates at the same U.S. port are not required to have a passport, but will need proof of citizenship such as an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, a certificate of naturalization, a passport card, an enhanced driver's license () as well as a government-issued photo ID. Children are also required to bring proof of citizenship, and if 16 and over, a photo ID is also required.

What and How to Pack for your 2018 Reunion Cruise

"Gospel of Prudent Packing" which states: Thou shalt put into one's suitcase only that which will fit neatly in the allocated storage space without hogging every available nook and cranny. For us, this packing thing was a process learned in our youth. Remember when luggage had no wheels and you really did have to "LUG" it everywhere. Traveling these days has gotten a lot simpler.

I will pass along articles and any pointers I find on cruising and add them here on the Reunion 2018 page. Feel free to forward any travel hint you come across.

For example:

Cruise ships assign daily dress codes -- casual, informal, resort casual, formal -- that take effect in public rooms and restaurants from 6 p.m. onward (daytime is always casual). Normally, on a seven-night trip, you can count on two formal nights, a couple of casual evenings and between one and four dressy occasions.

More about packing and what to wear later on the Reunion page.


For all but the most formal of evenings (and even on the more casual, upscale ships), resort casual is the common dress code. That means elegant attire, though not in the silk gown milieu. Think flowing cotton dresses or silky mix and match pants outfits that would be appropriate at a nice restaurant or a play or concert on land.

Is your Email Up-to-date?

Click_Here to update your email address. We may not have your current information. If you are not sure, send it anyway. "Better safe than sorry."

Kay Weaver will make sure you have the latest info.


Past JHS Reunions

The JHS Alumni have been attending reunions since the first in Sacramento 1980, followed by a reunion a couple of years later in Orlando, FL 1985. At this reunion, it was decided to have the gathering occur every three years. For more information, about previous meetings of the JHS flock, click Reunion to view that page.

Our Reunion page on the JHS website also provides a lot of information and news about our previous Reunion. Be sure to stop by and see what's new.


JHS Memorial Site

We have a page on the JHS Website is dedicated to our classmates who have passed away: JHS Memorial. We will add information provided by the family on a memorial page. If you have information that you would like to contribute, please forward to Kay Weaver, who will be collecting the information that we will post on our JHS Memorial page.


Chatroom on Facebook

Since we have all gone to the social media Facebook, we have a site that lets you chat with the JHS Alumni — So grab your high school yearbook and join the fun with your JHS friends online.

Information about the Reunions can also be found on Facebook under JHS Reunions. Hope to see you there at the next get together.



Lost Your Class Ring??

Check this out! -- a service for replacing your lost heirloom. (Starting prices shown.)
Also Register Lost Rings at this site.

  • Walmart $54
  • Dunham $56

Rings on the top of the Pagota

The spire at the top of a pagoda is called a sorin. The top nine rings as seen on the pagoda relate to the nine heavens of Buddhism. A lotus flower, the symbol for Buddha, crowns the top of the pagoda. It is said that the Sorin is the most symbolic part of a pagoda, which was originally designed after the model of an ancient Indian stupa or pagota. The most typical wooden pagodas consist of a five- or three-storied stackings of square floors. Each of the five floors in a five-storied pagoda symbolizes one of the five elements of the Universe: earth, water, fire, air, and the Universe, in this order from bottom to top.



Brick Pavers

Debbie Kelly - I have a brick in front of the World War II National Memorial for my Dad ... he was so proud of that "Brick." What a great and wonderful group of men and women!

Legacy Paver
Price: $55.00
2 or more for $50 each



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